Rental Operations Manual


The MBA RV Rental Manual has everything you need to get started and is now being offered at a new promotional price of $199.00.


The MBA RV Rental Operations Manual is a compilation of information from experienced RV rental operators and other professionals in the industry addressing every topic from rental pricing to legislation. Included you will also find a Daily Use Manual which you can provide to your rental manager to use during day-to-day operations. 

With over 140 pages of rental forms in addition to the material listed above, the MBA RV Rental Operations Manual has a complete summary of the information you will need to operate a successful RV Rental Business.


Pricing: $199 per manual                       


This includes the MBA RV Rental Operations Manual as well as automatic email notifications of any revisions or additions to the manual so that you can update your copy with the latest information. The manual is a working document that will be revised and updated as new information becomes available. To make these changes and updates seamless, the manual is provided in binder format.


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Below is a list of some of the topics covered:

Rental Pricing & Determining Profitability


Rental Staff

Booking Rentals

Check-Out Procedures

Check-In Procedures

Problem Vehicles & Problem Solving

RV Cleaning

Tire Safety



Legislation & State Rental Laws 

Rental Agent Responsibilities

Reservations & Rental Qualifications

Methods of Payment

Scheduled Maintenance

To see the complete Table of Contents for the RV Rental Manual click on the link below.

  MBA RV Rental Manual Table of Contents