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Claim Reporting Procedure

Please fax claims to: (480) 607-6100

1. You, the rental company must report a claim and fax required documents to MBA Insurance within 7 days of a loss. Claims involving injury must be reported immediately.

2. Required documents which must be faxed to MBA Insurance:

    a) Copy of both the front and back side of the rental contract complete with a renter's

    b) Copy of the check-in and check-out forms complete with renter's signature.

    c) Current Loss Notice. The Loss Notice must be filled out entirely and include the

        i. Date of submission to MBA
        ii. Date of accident
        iii. Contact name (who at your rental counter is handling this claim)
        iv. Description of accident (use separate sheet if necessary)
        v. Insured vehicle information (be sure to include VIN)
        vi. Driver’s name
        vii. Property Damaged (i.e. 3rd party contact information if applicable)

Download Loss Notice Form:

        Loss Notice Brochure
        Loss Notice Brochure - Legal Paper

    d) Insurance addendum or Binder (if applicable)

    e) Any other documents you have that pertain to the claim (i.e. estimate(s),
    police/incident report, etc.).

3. It is of extreme importance that ALL required forms be completed for claims involving international drivers. YOU are responsible for helping the international customer complete these forms fully and in English. Be sure to obtain your driver’s correct address, telephone number, and email address.

4. Take many photographs of the damage. Keep those photos until an adjuster contacts you. The adjuster will tell you where the photos should be sent.

5. DO NOT begin repair work until you have spoken to the adjuster.

6. If you do not receive a phone call from an adjuster within 2 days, please contact MBA and we will provide you with the adjuster’s contact information and your claim number.




  • Double-check that your vehicle is active on your policy before sending it out on rental.
  • Call PurCo to assist you in collecting damages from your renters. They can assist in loss of use claims and help reduce customer complaints. 801-798-2400
  • Check-In and Check-Out forms are necessary for every rental. Without these forms filled out and signed you may not be able to prove that it was your renter that damaged the vehicle.
  • MBA does not provide coverage for any damage resulting from wrap advertisements.
  • Don’t start repair work until you speak with your adjuster.
  • Be sure to take lots of pictures of the damage.
  • Have all your paperwork together before submitting the claim. (Estimates can be submitted later on.)
  • Fill out the loss notice in its entirety; incomplete loss notices cannot be submitted.

Most Common Claims That Are Easily Avoided

Concrete Pole at the Gas Station

Always park as far from the gas pump as you can and allow the hose of the pump to extend out while filling up. By parking as far away as possible this will prevent you from clipping the concrete pump guards with the back of the motorhome as you turn to pull away.

Low-Hanging Objects

Make sure your renter knows the vehicle clearance and does not attempt to pass under low signs, bridges, trees, etc.


Make sure your renter knows that they must have a spotter every time they back up the vehicle. We see many of these claims each year, and every one of them could be avoided by simply having a spotter before attempting to back up the vehicle. Even if the vehicle is equipped with a back-up camera, your renter still needs a spotter!

Changing Lanes

Train your renter to check their mirrors carefully before attempting a lane change. Small vehicles are sometimes hard to see in the side mirrors.

Tire Blow-Outs

Check the tire pressure before every rental and follow the recommended tire maintenance to help avoid tire blow-outs.


Train renters how to properly operate awnings and make sure they know that they must be retracted in wind or while driving. You may wish to collect a larger deposit if they wish to use the awning or prohibit the use of awnings.

Do you want your renters to
drive your vehicles safely?