Cyber Liability Insurance



Why Cyber Liability Insurance?

Cyber insurance generally covers your business’ liability for a data breach involving sensitive customer information, such as, credit card numbers, social security numbers, and customer information, like drivers’ license numbers. If you are collecting and storing any of this information, recovering from a data breach can and will be costly.

A cyber-attack occurs every 40 seconds. When you are completely dependent on technology to collect payments and access customer information, there are simply more opportunities for data breaches and cyber-crimes.

Unfortunately, data breaches and other cyber-crimes are becoming way to common. A data breach can damage more than just your computer systems -- it can damage your reputation and put your customers and / or your employees at risk.

If sensitive information is obtained and exploited during a data breach, you open yourself to lawsuits from customers, employees and possibly other third parties.

PROTECT YOUR BUSINESS AND YOUR CUSTOMERS - Your cyber insurance policy with help with legal fees and expenses and may assist with: Notifying customers about a data breach (required by law in all states); restoring and monitoring of personal identities of affected customers; repairing damaged computer systems; and recovering compromised data.


Our Most Popular Cyber Liability Program Includes:

Lost Laptop or Compromised by an employee?

Network & Information Security Liability Coverage

An employee loses a laptop with private data of your customers or a hacker breaches your computer’s defenses and steals your data. These events can trigger mandatory reporting obligations, or worse, resulting in your company being sued. Your policy will help resolve these incidents, including hiring legal counsel and covering legal judgments.

Website Down and Losing Valuable Revenue?

Business Interruption & Extra Expenses Coverage

A hacker uses a denial of service attack to take down your website. Your cloud provider goes down as the result of a network outage. Your policy not only covers your lost income, but any extra expenses to get your business back online.

Customers’ Credit Card Information Stolen?

PCI Fines and Assessments Coverage

Your customers’ credit card information was stolen. Don’t worry. Your policy will cover any PCI fines or assessments made against you. If you weren’t aware, all businesses that accept or store credit card information are subject to the Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

What’s Expert Council Worth?

Breach Response Cost Coverage

Incidents happen. When they do, coalition is ready to help you recover and maintain the confidence of your customers. Your policy will provide expert counsel, and cover the costs of forensics, notification, and incident response efforts to help make you whole.

Hacked and Can’t Access your Information?

Cyber Extortion Coverage

A hacker has encrypted all your files and won’t unlock them until you pay a ransom. Your policy will cover the costs to get you up and running again.

Could your Business Reputation be at Risk?

Crisis Management and Public Relations Coverage

When an incident occurs, it’s often more than just your data that is damaged. In your time of crisis, your policy will provide and cover the costs of consultants, public relations, and notification services so that you can control the narrative.