Payment Options


Easy Pay

MBA offers the ability to pay your insurance premium directly from your checking/savings account each month. We believe this is a timesaving option that will give you the peace of mind knowing that your premium is paid timely– one less thing to worry about each month!

There is NO CHARGE for this service!

If you would like to participate, please sign and return the attached ACH Authorization Form and return with a copy of a voided check. Once you return your ACH Authorization Form we will set your account up in our system to debit your checking account for your monthly insurance premium. You will continue to receive the email notifications that your current premium billing is available for viewing. Please take the time to review your bill to ensure the amount drafted from your account is correct.

The premium payment will be deducted from your account each month. If the due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or banking holiday, it will be debited from your account the next business day. If at any time you wish to discontinue this service, simply notify our office in writing.

ACH Authorization Form

One-time Payment

Pay By Credit Card

You can make a one-time payment by credit card by clicking the link below:

Online Credit Card Payment Form

Pay By Check

You can make a one-time payment by check  using the below form. Please note payments will post within 24 hours. 

Pay by Check Form 

Pay Via Mail

You can pay your monthly premium by mailing us a check. Please be sure to include your policy number with your payment. Our billing address is as follows:

MBA Insurance

8383E. Evans Road

Scottsdale, AZ 85260


Where is my bill? How much do I owe this month?

Monthly premium billings are posted online in the Dealer Services Area of our website. To view your bill simply click here and login with your username and password.

Why does my bill say "Rentals for the Month of January" and it is now February?

Premium is billed in arrears, which means that you are being billed for the previous month's insurance when you receive your bill each month. 

I supplied my credit card number when I started my policy. Why did I receive a cancellation notice?

When a new policy is started, we collect the deposit(s) and one month of advance premium. This is a one-time payment only; we do not keep your credit card information on file for future payments unless you have asked us to do so.

I received a deposit letter stating that my policy will be cancelled in ten days if payment is not received. Why do I owe additional deposits and how do I pay them?

MBA requires a deposit for each unit on your policy. If you received a deposit letter this is because you have recently added a unit to your policy or your policy has been renewed. If your premium increases at renewal your deposit amount will subsequently increase and you will be billed the difference. 

Deposits can be paid by any of the above payment methods; please contact MBA to complete the transaction or send a check via mail.


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