Our instructors are current rental dealers loaded with state-of-the-art and up to date, ideas and rental operations knowledge.

Scott Krenek is the President of Krenek RV Center and a noted guest speaker/consultant/mentor for RVDA/RVRA's Annual Convention. His hands on experience of owning and operating an RV Rental Business (since 1978) in today's business environment will be a valuable tool as you face the challenges of RV Rentals. Scott initiated the first and only international RV Rental Dealer Focus Group, which was started in 1995 and is still going strong today. Scott is also the driving force advocating Travel Trailer rentals since 1999. In addition, he is the current Chairman of RVRA (Recreational Vehicle Rental Association) which is a division of the International RVDA (Recreational Vehicle Dealer Association). Scott was one of the founding Instructors and has taught in every class given by the MBA RV Rental School.

Martin Onken of Expedition Motorhomes in Calabasas, CA is an annual speaker at the RVDA/RVRA convention. He has owned and operated his RV Rental business for over 13 years. Martin's main focus will be in two areas: RV Rental Marketing and Managed Rental Vehicles.
Martin's main focus will be in two new areas:

  1. RV Rental Marketing
    You will learn specific ways to reach your existing guests, lost renters and prospects in an economical, effective and professional manner. You will receive specific names and contact information to companies that can be an affordable resource.

    Martin will conduct a "Marketing Plan Workshop" to help put it all together into an efficient and time saving plan. Optional extended school hours - the workshop will start during class and continue before and after hours.

  2. Managed Rental Vehicles
    (Formerly called "leasebacks")
    By the end of class you will see how managed vehicles can be a golden opportunity for acquiring a fleet. You will be given all the information to professionally compare the best methods of obtaining and managing your rental fleet: dealer owned, managed, or a blend of the two. You will also learn how to "manage" the owners of the vehicles, keep the paperwork straight and the proper and ethical use of a managed fleet.

Barry Raye is the owner of 84 RV Rentals & Service and Rayewood RV Center. Barry has been involved in the family RV business for over 40 years. He has a degree in accounting which, along with his many years of experience from service to sales, allows him to understand the RV rental industry. This year Barry owns a fleet of around 50 motorhomes and trailers being offered for shorts trips, special events, cross country vacations, and long term temp housing.

Leslie J. Pujo is an experienced vehicle rental attorney for the law firm Plave Koch PLC. Ms. Pujo focuses on franchise law, with particular experience in registration and disclosure matters, as well as franchise relationship issues. Leslie is admitted to practice in the State of Maryland and the District of Columbia. Ms. Pujo, who is fluent in French, received a Juris Doctor degree from George Washington University, and an advanced degree in international law from the University of Toulouse in France.

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